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Antarctica & Climate

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The climate, physical and biological properties of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean are closely coupled to the global environment by the ocean and the atmosphere.

Ice Sheets & Under the Ice

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International, intensive field programmes aim at understanding the dynamics of Antarctica's ice sheets, ice shelves, glaciers, sea ice and the continent hidden beneath kilometres of ice.

Ecosystems & Biodiversity

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Life scientists strive to understand the evolution and diversity of life in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean to determine how these processes have produced unique Antarctic ecosystems.

The Poles as a Vantage Point

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Antarctica has unique characteristics that make it a highly desirable vantage point for near-Earth, upper atmosphere, solar, astrophysical and astronomical observations.

Observing Systems

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Integrated, multi-disciplinary observations are needed to understand and predict the response of biota to changes in the Southern Ocean and on the Antarctic continent. 

SCAR, the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research,

is a body of ICSU, the International Council for Science, and it is charged with the initiation, promotion and co-ordination of scientific research in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. SCAR also provides international, independent scientific advice to the Antarctic Treaty system and other bodies.

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European Polar Board seeks an Assistant Policy Officer

28 June 2016: The European Polar Board (EPB) is looking for an Assistant Policy Officer to assist with creating and editing internal and external policy documents, handle communications and provide administrative support for the organisation. ...

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