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Year of Polar Prediction Southern Hemisphere Efforts in PolarPredictNews

1 PolarPredict131 October 2016:

The Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP) is a major international activity that has been initiated by World Meteorological Organization’s World Weather Research Programme (WWRP) as a key component of the Polar Prediction Project (PPP). It will take place from mid-2017 to mid-2019. The overarching goal of YOPP is to significantly advance our environmental prediction capabilities for the polar regions and beyond. As an internationally coordinated period of intensive observing, modelling, prediction, verification, user-engagement and education activities which involves various stakeholders, the Year of Polar Prediction contributes to the knowledge base needed to managing the opportunities and risks that come with polar climate change.

The YOPP Southern Hemisphere efforts are being coordinated by David Bromwich, SCAR’s Chief Officer for the Physical Sciences Group and thus are closely tied to many of SCAR’s efforts.  Learn more about the Southern Hemisphere plans here: http://polarmet.osu.edu/YOPP-SH/

The first edition of PolarPredictNews, the newsletter from the International Coordination Office for Polar Prediction, has recently been published.  In this first issue, learn more about a flying laboratory and new colleagues joining the Polar Prediction Steering Group. Amongst others, read about the preparation of the Year of Polar Prediction in Columbus, Ohio and Reading, UK, and meet with Dave Bromwich chatting about his YOPP-endorsed project in West Antarctica. Download the newsletter here.

PolarPredictNews aims to keep you updated with recent, ongoing and upcoming activities during the Year of Polar Prediction. With this newsletter, they are aiming to build a common platform to exchange information, updates, and developments in polar prediction. To learn more about YOPP visit their website. Sign up for their newsletter by contacting office@polarprediction.net.