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SCAR Fellowship Scheme

Announcement of 2013 cohort of SCAR and COMNAP Fellows

The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) and the Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs (COMNAP) are pleased to announce this year's Fellowship Awardees.

The Fellowships are worth up to $US15,000 each and six Fellowships (4 SCAR, 1 COMNAP and 1 joint SCAR/COMNAP) were awarded in 2013 (one more than the previous year). The SCAR Fellowships are awarded to: Paula Casanovas, Bella Duncan, Reny Tyson and Luis Huckstadt. The COMNAP Fellowship is awarded to: Charlotte Havermans. A co-funded SCAR/COMNAP Fellowship was awarded to: Luis Rodriguez.

This year, twenty-six applications were received. The winners of the Fellowships will carry out a range of scientific research in areas including marine biology, climatology, remote sensing and understanding terrestrial ecosystem complexity. Candidates come from a wide geographic spread of countries, including Argentina, Belgium, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, Venezuela and USA.

For further details please see the press release or visit the 2013 SCAR Fellows page.

Background to the SCAR Fellowship Scheme

The first fellowships were initiated in 2002 by the Prince of Asturias Award of US$50,000, which paid for five Fellowships in 2003. Since 2005 the SCAR Fellowship Scheme has been developed. The SCAR Fellowships are sustained by contributions from SCAR Members and from other sources of revenue as they become available. The programme is designed to encourage the active involvement of early career scientists and engineers in Antarctic scientific research, and to strengthen international capacity and cooperation in Antarctic research.

Some interesting statistics of the SCAR Fellowship programme!

SCAR Fellows from previous years:

Testimonials of past SCAR Fellows

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