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Open Science Conferences

The SCAR Open Science Conferences are held every two years to draw attention to Antarctic issues. They provide an opportunity for scientists from a variety of disciplines and countries to present their work, network and become more involved in SCAR science activities.

Guidelines for Organisers of SCAR Meetings (updated March 2013)

XXXIII SCAR Science Week 2014 (Auckland, New Zealand), including 6th Open Science Conference, 22 August to 3 September 2014

For more information on this conference, please visit the Conference website.

XXXII SCAR Science Week 2012 (Portland, Oregon), including 5th Open Science Conference, 16-19 July 2012

For more information on this conference, see the Conference website.

SCAR/COMNAP Photographic Competition 2012

Plenary Keynote Presentations, 16 July 2012

(These Powerpoint presentations are held on Dropbox)

XXXI SCAR Science Week 2010 (Buenos Aires), including 4th Open Science Conference, 3-6 August 2010

For more information on this conference, see the Conference website.

Conference Abstracts

XXX SCAR Science Week 2008 (St Petersburg), including 3rd Open Science Conference, 8-11 July 2008

Planning activities for 2008 Open Science Conference:

Webcasts and Powerpoint slides of SCAR/IASC IPY Open Science Conference in St Petersburg

Webcasts from the opening ceremony and powerpoint slides of the keynote speeches on the first day of the conference are available from the Arctic Portal's webcast archive. Follow the link and select SCAR/IASC IPY Open Science Conference from the options.

Photographs from XXX SCAR Science Week

XXIX SCAR Science Week 2006 (Hobart), including 2nd SCAR Open Science Conference, 12-14 July 2006

XXVIII SCAR Science Week 2004 (Bremen), including 1st SCAR Open Science Conference, 26-28 July 2004