Geological Heritage and Geoconservation Action Group


Group members and contacts:

Chris Carson (Chair) Australia Geology
Marcelo Reguero (Co-Chair) Argentina Paleontology and paleoclimatology
Kevin A. Hughes (Secretary) UK Antarctic protected areas
Anne Grunow USA Polar Rock Repository
Berry Lyons USA  
Carlo Baroni Italy Geology, geomorphology
Cliff Atkins New Zealand Geomorphology
Jerónimo López-Martínez Spain Geology, geomorphology, geo-heritage
John Smellie UK Glacio-volcanic interactions
Andreas Läufer Germany Geology
Luis Carcavilla Spain geological heritage and geo-conservation
Marco Taviani Italy Paleobiologist
Phil O'Brien Australia Geology

Community of Interest:

Evgeny Milhalsky Russia Geology
Gary Wilson New Zealand Paleoclimate
Massimo Gasparon Australia Volcanics
Rosaria Palmeri Italy Geology
Jesus Galindo-Zaldivar Spain  
Marc Oliva Portugal Geomorphology
Simon Cox New Zealand Southern Victoria Land