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acrobatATCM 2016 IP031: Antarctic geoconservation: a review of current systems and practices

By Kevin A. Hughes, Christopher J. Carson and the Action Group on Geological Heritage and Geoconservation (delivered to the ATCM XXXIX CEP XIX, Santiago, Chile, May 2016)

This Information Paper (IP031, CEP 9e, 2016) presents a summary of a recent academic review, led by members of the SCAR Action Group on Geological Heritage and Geoconservation, which describes current threats to Antarctic geological features and details existing systems for their protection. The aim of this Information Paper is to inform the CEP about progress connected with the topic of conservation of Antarctic geological features, about which SCAR has agreed to present a comprehensive paper in 2018.

acrobatAntarctic geoconservation: a review of current systems and practices

by Kevin A. Hughes, Jerónimo López-Martínez, Jane E. Francis, J. Alistair Crame, Luis Carcavilla, Kazuyuki Shiraishi, Tomokazu Hocada and Akira Yamaguchi
February 2016
Open access article published in the journal Environmental Conservation

Protecting the mineral treasures of Antarctica's Larsemann Hills

By Edward S. Grew and Christopher J. Carson
February 2015

Antarctic minerals new to science

By the Australian Government - Geoscience Australia
May 2014