Geological Heritage and Geoconservation Action Group

Terms of Reference

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The geoscience community has a lot to offer in understanding surface processes and landscape vulnerability and spatial issues with defining areas for special management.

Geological “values” would include localities of special scientific significance: mineral localities, fossil localities, landforms or outcrops of special significance.

Terms of Reference

Consider the issue of ‘geological heritage and geo-conservation’ in Antarctica, including fossils embracing the diversity of geological and geomorphological features of the Antarctic;

Develop a range of criteria and principles for identifying and classifying features of potential geo-heritage value within Antarctica;
Recommend development of a geo-heritage register, incorporating relevant metadata, of geo-heritage sites across the Antarctic to facilitate management of geo-heritage features and recommend a suitable body to effectively manage such a register;

Develop criteria for conserving geo-heritage sites, acknowledging the diversity of features and balancing the ability of researchers to effectively study them;

To prepare, by early 2018, a document addressing conservation of Antarctic geological and geomorphological values (including fossils) to be used for SCAR’s advice on this matter to the Committee of Environmental Protection of the Antarctic Treaty; and

Develop a strategy for global promotion geo-heritage values of the Antarctic through appropriate international forums.