Horizon Scan Dissemination

Horizon Scan Presentations

The following are pdf versions of the official Horizon Scan presentation.  Access to the original Powerpoint versions may be requested from the SCAR Secretariat.

Other presentations:

  • U.S. National Academies: May 2014, Washington, DC
  • NZARI/Antarctica New Zealand: June 2014, Christchurch, NZ
  • SCAR Biennial Meetings, Open Science Conference Special Event: August-September 2014, Auckland, NZ
  • UK SCAR National Committee: October 2014, London, UK
  • Polar Research Institute of China: October 2014, Shanghai and Beijing, China
  • IASC ICARP III Executive Committee: October 2014, Potsdam, Germany
  • National Polar Research Institute: TBA 2015, Tokyo, Japan
  • World-wide Regional Meetings: South America, Pacific Rim, Europe; TBA

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