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Pre-Retreat Attendee Question Survey

Antarctic and Southern Ocean Science Horizon Scan – Outputs and Products

  • Publications (the International Steering Committee and/or a select subset will serve as an internal Editorial Board to ensure consistency in message)
    • News articles – interviews with the media and press releases – Timeframe: continual.
    • Apex article (short article according to journal format– may be as short as 1500 words): Science or Nature (a Senior Science Editor from Nature will be embedded in the Retreat). Broad audience, non-polar world – authorship to be determined. Timeframe: 2-3 weeks post-Retreat
      Analysis of the types of articles accepted by Science and Nature.
    • Longer detailed paper - Antarctic journal (Antarctic Science has expressed interest) - authorship to be determined. Time frame: 3 to 4 months post-Retreat.
    • Discipline-based publication - discipline-oriented journal to be chosen by authors – focused on communicating those questions most relevant to their individual communities - authorship to be determined (to be reviewed internally for consistency). Timeframe: variable depending on commitment of lead authors.
    • Individuals or groups of individuals are encouraged to develop publications as they see fit and/or see a need for communicating outcomes (to be reviewed internally for consistency). Timeframe: to be determined by authors.

  • Presentations (as they are developed, PowerPoint presentations and other materials will be made widely available)
    • SCAR Open Science Conference – audience: the Antarctic community. Forums under negotiation; August 2014, Auckland.
    • Special Presentation to Funders of Antarctic Science (by invitation only) – audience: National Antarctic Program funders/managers - under discussion; August 2014, Auckland.
    • Regional Presentations – audiences: regional Antarctic communities - under discussion, subject to funding.
    • Invited presentations – as requested (polar organizations/institutions and/or organizations with a polar interest), the public, and other interested parties.
    • Presentations by Individuals/Groups – all retreat attendees are encouraged to present Horizon Scan results, as opportunities arise, to organizations, institutions, public audiences, etc. (presentation materials will be made readily available).

Reporting on Scientific Question Clusters – Topical Theme

An exemplar is provided for a fictitious cluster of scientific questions based on a scenario to illustrate one of the goals for the Retreat which is to produce a written summary of the final outcomes by the end of the Retreat. This is intended to guide thinking as the Retreat progresses, and particularly to encourage submission of written material in a common format to facilitate production of final Retreat documents. The goal is to submit the Apex Article soon after the Retreat concludes. The contents include a descriptive and informative title, brief summary (not to exceed 500 words), list of scientific questions, and brief discussions of technological challenges and extraordinary logistical requirements.