Joint Expert Group on Human Biology and Medicine (JEGHBM)

Terms of Reference

The two key terms of references for the SCAR COMNAP JEGHBM highlight the critical linkages between SCAR and COMNAP and operational and research activities:

1. The JEGHBM will report to SCAR through the Life Sciences Group, working to further international cooperation and collaboration in basic and applied research on and healthcare of humans in Antarctica (e.g. biomedical sciences, social and behavioural sciences, and medicine) and to promote international co-operation in these fields.

2. The JEGHBM will work with COMNAP to further international cooperation and will work to improve healthcare in Antarctica and to facilitate human 
health and well being in this environment. The group will propose relevant areas of interest to COMNAP.


The group's Rules of Procedure are as follows:

  1. The group will report to SCAR through the Life Sciences Group, and to COMNAP through its Vice President for Health.
  2. Membership of the group will be deliberately wide to encourage maximum international and inter-organisational cooperation in the relevant fields.
  3. Full (voting) members of the group will be either:
    1. Nominated by SCAR national committees, and approved by the SCAR Executive.
    2. Nominated by National Antarctic Programmes and approved by COMNAP Executive.
    3. Nominated by the relevant Scientific Unions of the International Council for Science (ICSU) or other appropriate international organizations (e.g. IUCH), and approved by the SCAR or COMNAP Executive as appropriate.
    4. There will be one vote per nation from SCAR nominations and one per nation from COMNAP nominations.  Where the same person is nominated by both organisations as their national representative, that person may have two votes.
    5. The full members of the group will elect from among its members an executive consisting of a Chairman, a Deputy Chairman (Chairman designate), and a Secretary. The term of office will be 4 years, staggered where possible to allow continuity. The elected officers will be proposed to SCAR and COMNAP executives for confirmation.