SCAR Publications

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SCAR Bulletin (ISSN 1998-0337)

Bulletin 190
(December 2014)

Report of the XXXIII SCAR Delegates’ Meeting, Auckland, New Zealand, 1- 3 September 2014

Bulletin 189
(October 2014)

Report of the SCAR Delegation to ATCM XXXVII and CEP XVII in Brasilia, Brazil, 28 April – 7 May 2014

Bulletin 188
(October 2014)

SCAR Annual Report 2013-14

Bulletin 187
(August 2013)

Report of the SCAR Executive Committee (EXCOM) Meeting in Barcelona, Spain, 22-23 July 2013 

Bulletin 186
(August 2013)

Report from the SCAR Delegation to CEP XVI and XXXVI ATCM in Brussels, Belgium, May 2013

Bulletin 185
(August 2013)

SCAR Annual Report 2012-13

Bulletin 184
(August 2013)

Report of the Programme Planning Group Meeting, Modena, Italy, January 2012

Bulletin 183
(September 2012)

Report of the XXXII SCAR Delegates' Meeting, Portland, USA, 23-25 July 2012

Bulletin 182
(September 2012)

Report of the SCAR Delegation to CEP XV and XXXV ATCM in Hobart, Australia, 11-20 June 2012

Bulletin 181
(May 2012)

SCAR Annual Report 2011

Bulletin 180
(August 2011)

Report of the SCAR Executive Committee (EXCOM) Meeting, Edinburgh, UK, 18-19 July 2011

Bulletin 179
(August 2011)

Report from the SCAR Delegation to XXXIV ATCM, Buenos Aires, 20 June - 1 July 2011

Bulletin 178
(June 2011)

Report of the SCAR 4th Cross Linkages Meeting, Ottawa, Canada, 5-6 May 2011

Bulletin 177
(June 2011)

SCAR Annual Report 2010

Bulletin 176
(November 2010)

Report of the XXXI SCAR Delegates Meeting, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 9-11 August 2010

Bulletin 175
(May 2010)

Report from the SCAR Delegation to XXXIII ATCM, Punta del Este, Uruguay, 3-14 May 2010

Bulletin 174
(March 2010)

SCAR Annual Report 2009

Bulletin 173
(September 2009)

Report of the SCAR Executive Committee (EXCOM) Meeting, Punta Arenas, Chile, 5-7 August 2009

Bulletin 172
(May 2009)

Report from the SCAR Delegation to XXXII ATCM in Baltimore, USA, 6-17 April 2009

Bulletin 171
(April 2009)

Report of SCAR 3rd Cross-Linkages Workshop, February 2009

Bulletin 170
(February 2009)

SCAR Annual Report 2008

Bulletin 169
(December 2008)

Report on SCAR Science Week, St Petersburg, Russia, 4-11 July 2008

Bulletin 168
(October 2008)

Policy Advice: Reports of SCAR's Interactions with the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM),
the Committee on Environmental Protection (CEP), and the Commission for the Conservation of
Antarctic Living Marine Resources (CCAMLR) between October 2006 and July 2008

Bulletin 167
(September 2008)

 Report on the XXX Meeting of SCAR Delegates, Moscow, Russia, 14-16 July 2008

Bulletin 166
(May 2008)

SCAR Annual Report 2007

Bulletin 165
(February 2008)

Report of the SCAR Standing Committee on Antarctic Geographic Information (SC-AGI) Inter-sessional Meeting, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 8-10 October 2007

Bulletin 164
(September 2007)

Report of SCAR Executive Committee (EXCOM) Meeting, Washington, USA, 9-11 July 2007

Bulletin 161
(December 2006)

Report on the XXIX Meeting of SCAR Delegates (17-19 July 2006) and SCAR Science Week (8-14 July 2006)

Bulletin 159
(October 2005)

Report from the SCAR Executive Committee (EXCOM) Meeting, Sofia, Bulgaria, 11-13 July 2005 and SSG Chief Officers Meeting, 10 July 2005

Bulletin 157
(April 2005)

Report of the XXVIII Meeting of SCAR Delegates, Bremerhaven, Germany, 4-8 October 2004
Bulletin 152
(January 2004)
Report of the SCAR Executive Committee (EXCOM) Meeting, Brest, France, 11-15 July 2003
Bulletin 149
(April 2003)
Report of the XXVII Meeting of SCAR Delegates, Shanghai, China 22-26 July 2002
Bulletin 145
(April 2002)
SCAR Executive Committee Meeting, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 22 - 24 August 2001


Earlier issues of the Bulletin were produced in print form only.  For more information, please contact the SCAR Secretariat.