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Antactic Climate Change and the Environment. Turner, J., Bindschadler, R.A., Convey, P., Di Prisco, G., Fahrbach, E., Gutt, J., Hodgson, D.A., Mayewski, P.A., and Summerhayes, C.P.: 526 pp., 2009. Cambridge, SCAR. ISBN 978 0 948277 22 1

The electronic version has illustrations in full colour. The printed version has black and white illustrations only.

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Science in the Snow: Fifty years of international collaboration through the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research. D W H Walton & P D Clarkson (with additional material by C P Summerhayes): 272 pp., 2011. Cambridge, SCAR. ISBN 978 0 948277 25 2

Illustrations in full colour.

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C R Casaccia, Progetto Antartide S P Anguillarese 301
00060 &endash; S Maria di Galeria (RM) Italy

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Progress in the Conservation of the Subantarctic Islands
Edited by P R Dingwall Proceedings of the SCAR/IUCN Workshop on Protection, Research and Management of Subantarctic Islands Paimpont, France, 27&endash;29 April 1992. xvi + 225 pages, illustrated, 1995; ISBN 2-8317-0257-7

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Ross Sea Ecology - Italiantartide expeditions (1987-1995)
Faranda F., Guglielmo L. & Ianora A., 1999
Springer Verl., LIT 455000
Since 1985 Italy has sent 10 expeditions to the Ross Sea to research the marine ecology of the region.
This volume presents a global picture of this research.
US$ 222.00
For further information contact the SCAR Italian National Committee []

Composite Gazetteer of Antarctica (South of latitude 60°S)
Collated by R Cervellati and M C Ramorino (for the SCAR Working Group on Geodesy and Geographic Information) Rome, "Programma Nazionale di Ricerche in Antartide". 2 volumes, v + 227, and 328 pages, 1998.

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