Action Group on Remote Sensing


Remote Sensing AG was established with the full name "Development of a satellite-based, Antarctic-wide, remote sensing approach to monitor bird and animal populations” at the SCAR XXXII Meeting in Portland 2012. 

A working meeting of the Action group was held during the XIth SCAR Biology Symposium on 19 July 2013 in Barcelona and followed by a meeting and symposium at the SCAR XXXIII Meeting in Auckland 25 August 2014.

Important points discussed included relevant databases for collecting penguin (and other seabirds and seals) abundance data, collected with remote sensing methods, rules for using drones (UAV) over penguin colonies and continued discussions about new satellite technologies. 

The Action Group will focus in the future on multi-disciplinary research and includes new and emerging research frontiers in Antarctic science. The AG will merge snow and ice studies with climate research, ice-ocean interaction, and animal monitoring via remote sensing. The next meeting will be during SCAR Biology Symposium in Belgium (2017) and at the SCAR/IASC Conference in Davos (Switzerland) 2018.