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Bio-sketch of Dr Kathleen Conlan

Dr Conlan holds a PhD in systematics and evolution and an MSc in marine ecology. Her systematic research concerns the evolution and behaviour of amphipod crustaceans, shrimp-like organisms that inhabit the deepest oceans to the tropical rainforests, from the Arctic to the Antarctic. Dr Conlan's research in marine ecology concerns the effects of seabed disturbance on community structure. She has studied the impacts of the logging industry on the coastal seabed of British Columbia, the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska, the tilling effects of icebergs on the Arctic seabed, and the impact of humans in the Arctic and Antarctic.

Besides publishing her research in scientific journals, Dr Conlan also teaches and popularizes her studies. Dr Conlan involves young students in her field trips. She teaches university courses in marine biology on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of Canada. Dr Conlan has given over 80 popular presentations and has documented her experiences for television, radio, newspapers and magazines. "Under the Ice", a children's book about her diving adventures in the Arctic and Antarctic, won the 2002 Science in Society Children's Book Award.

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