The study of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean and their role in the global Earth system has never been more important as the region is experiencing dramatic changes that have global implications.  The Antarctic region is a matchless 'natural laboratory' for vital scientific research that is important in its own right and impossible to achieve elsewhere on the planet.

AVdP science in the fieldSCAR encourages excellence in all aspects of Antarctic research by developing transformational scientific programmes that address compelling topics and emerging frontiers in Antarctic science of regional and global importance.

SCAR initiates, facilitates and coordinates international cooperation in scientific research conducted in and from the Antarctic region and on the role of Antarctica in the Earth system.  Much of SCAR's work is carried out through its subsidiary groups - the Science Groups (SGs), Scientific Research Programmes (SRPs), Expert Groups, Action Groups, Advisory Groups and groups co-sponsored with other organisations.


Information about subsidiary groups prior to 2014 can be found on the archive website.

Codes of Conduct for Fieldwork, Animals and SAEs