Solid Earth Response and influence on Cryosphere Evolution (SERCE)


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Steering Committee from 2016

Name (last, first) and email



King, MattJoint Chief Officer

University of Tasmania Australia

Whitehouse, PippaJoint Chief Officer

Durham University UK
Ai, Songtao Wuhan University P.R. China
An, Meijian Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences P.R. China
Bentley, Mike Durham University UK
Forsberg, Rene - Liaison IASC Danish Technical University Denmark
Gomez, Natalya McGill University Canada
Halpin, Jacqui University of Tasmania Australia
Hansen, Samantha University of Alabama USA
James, Thomas Natural Resources Canada Canada
Kanao, Masaki National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR) Japan
Martin, Adam GNS New Zealand
Memin, Anthony Géoazur, Université Nice Sophia Antipolis France
Park, Yongcheol Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI) South Korea
Pattyn, Frank Université libre de Bruxelles Belgium
Scheinert, Mirko TU Dresden (Technische Universität) Germany
Schroeder, Dusty Stanford University USA
Simms, Alex University of California, Santa Barbara USA
Wilson, Terry Ohio State University USA


Steering Committee 2012-16

Name (Last, First) Affiliation Country Email Gender Term from
Wilson, Terry Ohio State Univ. USA F 2012 Chief Officer
Bentley, Mike Durham Univ. UK M 2014 Member; liaision PAIS
Danesi, Stefania INGV-Bologna Italy F 2012 Member
Hansen, Samantha Univ. Alabama USA F 2014 Member
Kanao, Masaki NIPR Japan M Member
King, Matt Univ. Tasmania Australia M 2012 Member
Navarro, Francisco Univ. Madrid Spain M 2014 Member; liaision ISMASS & IASC
Poutanen, Markku FGI Finland M 2012 Member
Rogister, Yves Univ. Strasbourg France M 2012 Member
Scheinert, Mirko TU Dresden Germany M 2014 Member; liaision GIANT
Whitehouse, Pippa Durham Univ. UK F 2012 Member