Antarctic Digital Magnetic Anomaly Project (ADMAP) Expert Group

ADMAP has been providing a unique opportunity for integrating scientific research and investigations over Antarctica. ADMAP aims to enable geologic studies of Antarcitca where almost 99% of the continent is covered by ice and snow.

Considerable attention is paid to the Antarctic is because of the central role of its tectonic and geologic researches in both Gondwana and Rodinia evolution, and the fact that it is the most poorly understood region of the planet. As a consequence, numerous near-surface magnetic surveys carried out by the multi-national scientific communities are critical to unveil the evolutionary history of both paleo-continents. In addition, the state-of-art magnetic satellite missions have been carried out to augment the gaps where near-surface surveys were not done. Accordingly, ADMAP was launched in 1995 to compile and integrate into a digital database all exisiting near-surface and satellite mangetic anomaly data collected in Antarctica and surrounding oceans south of 60 degrees. Since then, the ADMAP Group has been updating the databases with additional surveys as well as investigating the areas of special interest, first as a SCAR Working Group and currently as an Expert Group.

ADMAP is also a SCAR Product, produced by the Expert Group.  See the ADMAP product.