Tropical Antarctic Teleconnections (TATE) Action Group


The goals of the TATE AG are to:

  1. increase discussion and collaboration to explore tropical and polar weather and climate interactions, carrying out at least one interdisciplinary workshop;
  2. investigate the tropical forcing of the atmospheric circulation in the present and in therecent past (the last 200 years based on proxy records such shallow ice core studies);
  3. explore the air-sea ice coupled systems and their relation to weather and climate ofthe tropics and subtropics, including interactions with the monsoons systems;
  4. conduct case studies on the relation between complex weather and climate patterns inthe South Atlantic, Indian and Pacific regions and the Southern Ocean sea ice cover, andhow they are connected to natural modes of climatic variability (e.g., ENSO, SAM, PSA,PDO) or anthropogenic-induced changes;
  5. organize a session at the XXXV SCAR (Davos, 2018) exploring the tropical polar teleconnections (to be carried out together with IASC);
  6. produce at least one special volume of articles on the tropical polar teleconnections.