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Internal Review of the SCAR Structure

SCAR is committed to continuous improvement through review, assessment as to progress, and revision of plans as necessary.

The SCAR structure and the Rules of Procedure, including those of the subsidiary bodies, are important elements that contribute to the efficiency of our organization.

The current SCAR structure and Rules of Procedure are those approved more than a decade ago following a major SCAR review (in 2000), which involved a restructuring and refocusing of SCAR.  A further review in 2009 concluded that ". . . . the group has been favourably impressed by the reform process that SCAR initiated in 2000 . . . it is a record of change that few national or international voluntary science associations can equal . . ."

However, following discussions in the 2013 EXCOM meeting, it was concluded that it would be worth taking another look at the SCAR structure, in particular whether the current setup of having three SSGs as umbrella groups is the best structure for SCAR going forward, and also to examine how the SCAR Rules of Procedure (and associated documents) should be updated going forward.

An Ad Hoc group to tackle these questions was approved by the SCAR Delegates in 2014 (see WP 26 below). The outcomes of this group would also feed into the next Strategic Plan 2017+.

pdf Terms of Reference for 2015 SCAR Structure Review (70 KB)

Background Documents

pdf WP 26 - A possible SCAR Review (338 KB) (paper from the XXXIII SCAR Delegates' Meeting, 2014)

pdf SCAR Rules of Procedure (2008) (111 KB)

pdf Rules of Procedure for Subsidiary Bodies (2010) (223 KB)

pdf Report of the 2009 SCAR Review Group (291 KB)

pdf Report of the Ad Hoc Group on SCAR Organization and Strategy, 2000 (315 KB)

pdf Review of SCAR by ICSU, 1992 (218 KB)