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WP025: Antarctic Environments Portal

ATCM XL and CEP XX 2017, Beijing, China

Working Paper

WP025: Antarctic Environments Portal (with Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Norway and the United States)

Submitted: 06/04/2017


The Antarctic Environments Portal continues to provide the CEP and Antarctic Treaty Parties with a reliable source of information on issues of policy and management relevance. The Tinker Foundation has generously funded the Antarctic Environments Portal until 2018. The Portal is currently hosted by the University of Canterbury, Christchurch. At their 2016 meeting the SCAR delegates agreed, in principle, to take over the operation of the Portal once the Tinker Foundation grant concludes, provided a resource-neutral means of managing and operating the Portal can be established. A Content Management Plan for the Portal has been developed. This aims to provide a more structured approach to developing content for the Portal and for facilitating a dialogue with the CEP with regard to the content published on the Portal website. The paper authors recommend that the Committee: 1) considers opportunities for supporting SCAR’s management of the Portal after 2018, 2) reviews and provides comment on the Content Management Plan particularly with regard to content it wishes to see published on the Portal website.

ATCM - Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting
CEP - Committee for Environmental Protection
40th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting
22 May 2017 - 01 Jun 2017