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IP066: SCAR Data and Information Strategy (DIMS)

ATCM XXXIII and CEP XIII 2010, Punta del Este, Uruguay

Information Paper

IP066: SCAR Data and Information Strategy (DIMS)


Although it has been developing capacity for international data management amongst its member nations since 1992, in 2009 SCAR endorsed its first Data and Information Strategy (DIMS). This Strategy is designed to assist SCAR to more effectively implement its programs and activities aimed at coordinating high quality, international scientific research in the Antarctic and research related to examining the Antarctic region’s role in the Earth system. Strategy outcomes will also improve SCAR’s ability to provide independent scientific advice to the Antarctic Treaty System Consultative Parties and other organizations on issues of science and conservation affecting the management of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.

The committee in SCAR responsible for all aspects of data and information management is the Standing Committee on Antarctic Data management (SCADM). Data and information are valuable and irreplaceable resources. In the pursuit of many science objectives (especially those of a pan-Antarctic nature) it is necessary to use data and information collected by scientists from many countries. SCAR recognizes the critical importance of the stewardship of data and information within national and international programs and the importance of data accessibility by the international Antarctic scientific community. SCAR does not consider data management to be an “add-on” or an additional task in Science. It is a fundamental aspect of modern earth system science and is essential to addressing complex questions about how our planet works and how it will respond in the future.

This paper outlines the vision and strategies of DIMS and the roadmap that SCAR will pursue to implement the strategy.

ATCM - Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting
CEP - Committee for Environmental Protection
33th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting
03 May 2010 - 14 May 2010