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WP057: Antarctic Environments Portal

ATCM XXXV and CEP XV 2012, Hobart, Australia

Working Paper

WP057: Antarctic Environments Portal with New Zealand and Australia

Submitted: 27/04/2012


New Zealand, SCAR and Australia see that there is a pressing need to improve the availability of, and access to, scientific syntheses and high quality information to inform decision-making to support the effective implementation of the Protocol. We are seeking to develop an online Antarctic Environments Portal, which aims to be the primary source of information on Antarctic environments. A portal would be an efficient means to strengthen the link between Antarctic science and policy, enhance the CEP’s advisory role to the ATCM, facilitate SCAR’s advisory role to the ATCM and CEP and assist in communicating information on Antarctic environments to the public. We recommend that the CEP note the usefulness of this approach and endorse the concept of the Antarctic Environments Portal.

ATCM - Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting
CEP - Committee for Environmental Protection
35th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting
11 Jun 2012 - 20 Jun 2012