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4th International ANGWIN workshop: Exploration of the High-latitude Upper Atmosphere Wave Dynamics
From Tuesday 24 April 2018
To Thursday 26 April 2018
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ANGWIN (ANtarctic Gravity Wave Instrument Network) is pleased to announce 4th International ANGWIN workshop at INPE, Brazil, from 24-26 April, 2018. Through the last three meetings (2013 in Japan, 2014 in USA, 2016 in UK) significant progress in the research topics of ANGWIN has been achieved. Based on the results, present Workshop will focus on “Measurements and modeling of gravity wave dynamics and coupling in the Antarctic and Arctic regions” with further extended observation sites over Antarctic.

The workshop is open to all interested researchers and will provide an excellent forum for Post-Graduate students.

Abstract Submission Deadline: 31st March, 2018.

For full details, please see the 4th ANGWIN Workshop Website.

Location Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais, INPE, São José dos Campos, SP, Brasil

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