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2nd IceCube Polar Science Workshop - Online
From Monday 18 January 2021
To Wednesday 20 January 2021
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The IceCube community is hosting a second Polar Science Workshop that will be held online. The main purposes of this workshop are to solicit a scan on research ideas regarding the planned upgrade of the IceCube Neutrino Observatory at South Pole, and to continue to promote exchange between our two fields of glaciology and neutrino astronomy. In particular, we seek input and proposals from the glaciology community on experiments and instrumentation complementary to the planned array of drilled boreholes as part of the IceCube neutrino array. 

We would like to focus our attention on the following topics, but This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have additional fields of interest:

  • Rapid Access Drilling (RAID) at the South Pole and the possibility of a long term open hole.
  • SPICEcore physical properties (in particular grain size, elongation, orientation and  fabric), expected hole lifetime and borehole logging.
  • Modeling of optical and radio propagation in birefringent polycrystals with crystal preferred orientation (CPO and COF).
  • Glaciology instrumentation in the IceCube Upgrade and IceCube Gen2.
  • Data interests (both in terms of IceCube data (temperatures, images, ice analyses, ...) for glaciology, as well as glaciological data being interesting to the IceCube detector modelling).
  • Drilling technology and logistics.
  • Bedrock morphology and characteristics.
  • Englacial heterogeneities and structures, layering architecture.

For registration and detailed information, please visit the Workshop website. You are also welcome to submit talk abstracts by mail to polarscience2021[at]lists.uni-mainz.de

Location : Online

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