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Polar Radar Science and Technology Conference - Virtual
From Wednesday 23 February 2022
To Friday 25 February 2022
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As the usage of radar continues to become more common and widespread in the Polar Sciences, it is important for the science community to have a coherent assessment of logistical and science interests and how we will address these.  A range of topics in which radar is used will be discussed, including snow, ice, permafrost, geomorphology, glaciology, among others. A sample of discussion topics for the use of radar will include:

  • Current science and logistics using radar;
  • Future science questions and logistics;
  • Software needs, training, and availability to the community;
  • Community pool of equipment;
  • Radar data storage, accessibility, standards.

The conference will be held *virtually* on February 23-25, 2022 from 11am-3pm EST (8 am-12 noon PST; 4pm-8pm GMT). We plan to host a recap session on Monday, February 28th (11 am-3pm EST; 8am-12 noon PST; 4pm-8pm GMT) to follow up on takeaways from the conference.

For more information about the goals, schedule, and expected outcomes from this conference, please visit the Conference website.

Location : Online

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