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28th International Polar Conference
From Sunday 01 May 2022
To Thursday 05 May 2022
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The theme of the conference is "Polar Regions, Climate Change and Society.

The polar and alpine environment faces dramatic changes, which are observed in all climate components including the atmosphere, ocean, ice, and soils. These changes have consequences not only for fauna, flora, and marine organisms, but also for human beings, their settlements and local and non-local economy. In view of the biases in space and time, whole-year and long-term observations are desperately needed as well as comprehensive views into past climates and geological settings. This requires ambitious sample strategies, new technologies, installation of modern infrastructure and modelling efforts covering the relevant processes and scales in space and time.

The abstract submission and registration deadline has been extended to 9 March 2022.

Full details are on the Conference website.

Location : Potsdam, Germany

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