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International Symposium on Ice in a Sustainable Society (ISS)
From Sunday 05 June 2022
To Friday 10 June 2022
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The objectives of the Symposium are:

  • To assess the relevance of glaciology to a sustainable society, including the scientific, technological, social, economic and cultural dimensions.
  • To serve as a transdiciplinary line of action and instrument to engage citizens, stakeholders and policymakers, promoting critical thinking about the climate crisis and providing them with the necessary tools to make better decisions, both personally and collectively.
  • To encourage transdisciplinary ice research and activate participatory processes to solve complex problems.

The Symposium will focus on “interdisciplinary relations” rather than isolated disciplines. Its main objective is to help the participants to look beyond their own specializations, identifying powerful interconnections and relationships that recognize no disciplinary borders, in order to highlight the extraordinary transdisciplinary potential of glaciology.

We hope this symposium will attract experts in climate, engineering, environment, policy, economy, philosophy, arts and other specialities that will join forces to seek inter- and trans-disciplinary solutions for sustainable development and climate change awareness.

Full details are on the Symposium website.

Location : Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain

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