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365 days under ice IGYDuring the International Geophysical Year of 1957-58, three men, Jacques Dubois, Claude Lorius and Roland Schlich, spent a whole year in the very heart of the Antarctic. They overwintered at France's Charcot station for 365 days, from January 1957 to January 1958, in an aluminium hut only 24 m2 in size, buried under the ice to protect it from the cold and the polar wind.

A book on their adventure was published in 2008 but now a documentary film, “365 days under Antarctic ice”, is planned for release in 2018.  Testimonies of the main protagonists and archives of this adventure have been collected. The film is an encounter with the Antarctic and its extraordinary wildlife, but above all it is an encounter with men, explorers and researchers, facing the harshness of these hostile areas where no-one had gone before them, in order to advance knowledge of our planet.

In order for this historical film project to succeed, the commitment of many partners is needed.  The project team are now asking for your support in their crowdfunding campaign to allow them to complete this ambitious project, and to bring this amazing story to the widest audience possible.  The retelling of their story is the dear wish of Claude Lorius, and was similarly important to Roland Schlich before he sadly died last year.

The 365 Days crowdfunding website gives full details of the film and instructions on how to participate.  You don't have long - the deadline for contributions is Tuesday 19 December!


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