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SCAR promotes free and unrestricted access to Antarctic data and information by promoting open and accessible archiving practices.  SCAR aims to be a portal to data repositories of Antarctic scientific data and information.

The SCAR data Policy is described in   pdf SCAR report No 39 (307 KB) .

SCAR's Standing Committee on Antarctic Data Management (SCADM) facilitates co-operation between scientists and nations with regard to scientific data, and advises on the development of the Antarctic Data Directory System.

SCAR Databases

Product MasterDirectoryAntarctic Master Directory (AMD)

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About the AMD

The AMD is the largest collection of Antarctic data set descriptions in the world, holding over 7700 dataset descriptions from 25 countries.



establishes and supports a distributed system of interoperable databases, giving easy access through a single internet portal to a set of resources relevant to research, conservation and management pertaining to Antarctic biodiversity (also known as ANTABIF, the Antarctic Biodiversity Information Facility)

Product TerrestrialDatabaseAntarctic (Terrestrial) Biodiversity Database

an online database of terrestrial species that captures all recorded species observations and their locations from the Antarctic and subantarctic including information on taxonomy, collections and observations, bioregions, and alien species

Product PlanktonDatabaseContinuous Plankton Recorder Database (CPR)

a high quality dataset for the purposes of mapping plankton biodiversity: monitoring and development of models at seasonal, inter-annual, decadal, and spatially local and global scales; and providing core plankton data for ecosystem models

REference Antarctic Data for Environmental Research (READER)


a database contains monthly mean surface and upper air climatological data derived from the in-situ meteorological observations made at Antarctic stations with long-term records, including temperature, surface pressure, wind speed/direction and geopotential height


a list and interactive maps showing the locations of all the cores that have been collected as part of the International Trans-Antarctic Science Expedition and other initiatives that includes data on the depth of the core, sampling frequency, time coverage, mean snow accumulation, chemical analysis and site elevation

Product OceanREADEROcean-READER

a portal to oceanography data that may be of interest to those concerned with climate change at high southern latitudes, mainly focusing on temperature, salinity and current data

Product SeismicLibrarySeismic Data Library System (SDLS)

provides open access to all multichannel seismic reflection (MCS) data collected south of 60° S


Product SODietSouthern Ocean Diet and Energetics Database (SO-Diet)

a centralised database for information related to diet and energy flow from conventional (e.g. gut content) and modern (e.g. molecular) studies, stable isotopes, fatty acids, and energetic content fundamental to a diverse range of Antarctic and Southern Ocean biological and ecosystem studies

Former SCAR Database:

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