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SCAR Antarctic Digital Database (ADD website)

A compilation of the best international topographic mapping for Antarctica at scales between 1:250,000 and 1:10 M that can be viewed on a range of vector and satellite image backdrops. The underlying data can be downloaded free of charge in a range of formats for onward work in desktop GIS.

SCAR Composite Gazetteer of Antarctica (CGA website)

A searchable database of all Antarctic place-names from each country active in Antarctica.

SCAR Map Catalogue (MapCat website)

This catalogue of international maps for Antarctica is compiled and maintained by the Australian Antarctic Division Data Centre. It contains entries for over 5000 hard copy maps from 26 countries and about 1000 digital maps from five countries. Some maps are available for download at full resolution, but the majority have only a low-resolution quicklook and metadata including contact information to access them.

SCAR Air Operations Planning Maps Series (Air Ops website)

A series of maps at 1:1M scale, together with a continent over-view map, to support Air Operations planning. The maps are compiled collaboratively by Belgium (in cooperation with Australia for one map), Norway, the UK and USA. The maps and digital data are freely available for download.