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06.06 - 08.06.2016
Byrd Polar & Climate Research Center, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA
Contact person:
Dr David Bromwich   

This workshop brings together those with research and operational/logistical interests in Antarctic meteorology and forecasting and related disciplines. As in the past, the annual activities and status of Antarctic observing (especially Automatic Weather Stations) and modeling (especially the Antarctic Mesoscale Prediction System) efforts will be addressed, and feedback and results from their user communities will be solicited. More broadly, this workshop also is a forum for current results and ideas in Antarctic meteorology, numerical weather prediction, and weather forecasting, from contributors around the world.

AMOMFW 2016 will be preceded by the International Workshop on Coupled Modeling of the Polar Environments (4-5 June), and followed by the International Symposium on Atmospheric Boundary Layers in High Latitudes (9 June).

Registration and abstract submission are open on the website.  The deadline for registration is Friday 6 May 2016, with abstracts due the following Monday 9 May.

For more information, visit the Polar Weather and Climate Week website.