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10.07 - 15.07.2016
Barcelona, Spain
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Margalef Colloquia   

The Ramon Margalef Summer Colloquia are a series of annual summer encounters aimed at recent PhDs and advanced graduate students in Marine Science and Oceanography. They are jointly organized by the Institue of Marine Sciences in Barcelona (ICM-CSIC) and the Catalan Association of Oceanographers (ACOIO).

The subject of this year’s Colloquium is “Microbes in a changing world: diversity and biogeochemistry”. Topics include:

  • Patterns of microbial diversity. Are there general rules?
  • Interactions between microorganisms and between micro- and macroorganisms: strategies to be successful.
  • Microorganisms and ecological theory. Are there unifying principles?
  • Drivers, players and products: environmental physical dynamics and their effects on diversity and biogeochemical cycling.
  • Global Change: The responses of small organisms.
  • Molecular biology and biogeochemical cycling: from genes to fluxes.

Some grants are available - see the Colloquium Registration page for details.

See the 2016 Colloquium flyer for more information and visit the Colloquium website for full details.