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Scripps Institution of Oceanography, USA
Contact person:
Jeff Severinghaus   

We invite interested researchers to participate in a science workshop to help shape future interdisciplinary research with the Rapid Access Ice Drill (RAID).

RAID is in Antarctica! Now is a good time to bring together the scientific community interested in using the RAID system for deep glacial and subglacial sampling, and for the boreholes it will create, including integrated ice drilling, ice and rock coring, borehole logging, and geophysical data acquisition. This workshop will provide a venue to bring scientists together to explore new science questions or approaches; define science goals; seek synergies between different disciplines for RAID; and develop a coherent community science plan for use of this unique drilling system. The workshop will be a great opportunity to bring together researchers with scientific interests in ice-sheet dynamics, paleoclimate, borehole logging, the ice-sheet interface, exposure and uplift histories, subglacial bedrock geology, subglacial sediments, microbiology, heat flow, potential-field geophysics, seismology, geodetics, and ice-penetrating radar.

Interested participants should provide an expression of scientific interest by filling out a short form on the workshop website.

For full details about the workshop and RAID, visit the RAID website.