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29.03 - 30.03.2017
Bremerhaven, Germany
Van-Ronzelen-Straße 2, 27568 Bremerhaven, Germany
Contact person:
PPP International Coordination Office   

The SIMIP workshop will be held at Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum (http://www.dsm.museum/) in Bremerhaven, Germany and is devoted to discussions about the sea ice simulations from the upcoming CMIP6 experiments (SIMIP), with three distinct aims:

  1. To discuss and define best practices for the evaluation of sea-ice simulations against observations.
  2. To identify and define new remote sensing and in situ sea ice observations that will allow for improved model evaluation and initialization,
  3. To discuss and coordinate the analysis of CMIP6 sea ice simulations for improved understanding of sea ice processes and improved sea ice projections.

The SIMIP workshop will primarily be a discussion meeting with a few invited presentations to set the scene. The SIMIP workshop is organized by the WCRP-CliC Sea ice and Climate Modeling Forum.

To register and/or submit an abstract, please use this online form <http://www.polarprediction.net/meetings-calendar/science-workshops/polar-prediction-workshop-2017/registration-for-ppw2017-and-simip-workshops/> for both workshops. Abstracts can be submitted only for the PPW 2017. Registration and abstract submission are open until the 30th of January.

There is some funding available to support early-career scientists. If you?d like to apply for early-career travel support, please indicate so in the online form.<http://www.polarprediction.net/typo3/#_msocom_2>

Information on the venue and accomodation can be found here<http://www.polarprediction.net/meetings-calendar/science-workshops/polar-prediction-workshop-2017/how-to-get-there/>.

For any questions, please contact the PPP International Coordination Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.