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29.06 - 30.06.2017
National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), Boulder, Colorado, USA
1900 Table Mesa Dr, Boulder, CO 80305, USA

The 12th Session of the CLIVAR/CliC/SCAR Southern Ocean Region Panel (SORP) will be held June 29-30, 2017.  It is open to those interested in the activities of SORP.  The topics covered will include: Southern Ocean oceanographic observations needed during YOPP-SH; how oceanic behavior out to two months projects onto atmospheric behavior; climate predictability of the ocean-atmosphere-ice system in the Southern Ocean (discussions on SOMIP (Southern Ocean Model Intercomparison Project) and AntClim21); and other SORP business.

There is no registration fee to attend this meeting, however if you wish to participate, you must register via the meeting website.  Registration deadline is 12 June 2017.

More information is available on the Workshop and Meetings website.