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SCAR General News

APA Infographic 60years 01 webTo mark the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Antarctic Treaty on 1st December 1959, SCAR is releasing a series of fact sheets and the latest SCAR Bulletin to celebrate 60 years of Treaty-Supported Antarctic Science.

The successes of international scientific cooperation in the harshest environment on Earth demonstrate how nations working together can accomplish more than any nation working alone, providing a roadmap for action in an uncertain future.

The fact sheets cover diverse topics from the discovery of the ozone hole to the contribution of Antarctica to future sea level rise, and are based around the paper presented by SCAR to the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting in Prague in June 2019 ( pdf ATCM XLII - CEP XXII Working Paper 37 (163 KB) ). 

An extract of the paper is also published today as pdf SCAR Bulletin 201 - Sixty Years of Treaty-Supported Antarctic Science (298 KB) .

The infographics are available to view and download from folder the SCAR Library .