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web Cover Crustacean Guide for Predator Studies in the Southern OceanUnder the international effort of Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) programs, expert and action groups, the Crustacean guide for predator studies in the Southern Ocean gathers information from > 100 species from 53 families of the most relevant crustaceans in the diet of subantarctic and Antarctic meso- and top predators, including information on distribution, their relevance in predator diets, sizes, availability of allometric equations and practical procedures to differentiate crustacean species within each family. It is aimed to support scientists to identify crustaceans in diet studies of predators from the Southern Ocean while promoting interdisciplinary research.

You can access the  pdf Crustacean Guide for Predator Studies in the Southern Ocean (42.16 MB)  through our SCAR Library.


Xavier, J. C., Cherel, Y., Boxshall, G., Brandt, A., Coffer, T., Forman, J., Havermans, C., Jażdżewska, A. M., Kouwenberg, K., Schiaparelli, S., Schnabel, K., Siegel, V., Tarling, G. A., Thatje, S., Ward, P., Gutt, J. (2020) Crustacean guide for predator studies in the Southern Ocean. Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research, Cambridge, UK. 253 pp.