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SCAR General News

Eco magazineExclusive Edition on Polar Research and Exploration is Open for Submissions

ECO Magazine has announced the publication of a special issue dedicated to polar research. SCAR is excited to work with Arctic Circle and the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) on this special issue.

The exclusive Polar Edition is part of a unique series of digital editions in 2020 designed to offer the global research community a multimedia platform to celebrate scientific progress, increase topic awareness and identify opportunities for collaboration.

SCAR President, Professor Steven Chown, said,

Antarctica and the Southern Ocean are major contributors to the Earth System. Their future and our future are inextricably linked. Our climates, coasts, cities and sustainable human success are all linked to the behavior of the Antarctic and Southern Ocean. Sea level rise and the sequestration of carbon are two primary examples. Knowing about the current and future state of Antarctic and Southern Ocean environments is essential for all who have a stake in the future of our planet.

Available in September 2020, the Polar Special Issue will highlight the latest international research and groundbreaking expeditions, and report on the challenges and opportunities for science, industry and local communities in the face of climate change. It will be promoted at the Arctic Circle Assembly - the largest annual international gathering on Arctic affairs with over 2000 participants - due to take place this October in Iceland.

ECO Magazine, the Arctic Circle, SCAR and APECS now invites all those involved in polar research projects (including academics, polar explorers, policymakers, engineers, government and industry members) to express their interest in submitting content. The editorial team welcomes science-based submissions in the form of written articles, webinars, videos and podcasts under the following categories:

Theme 1: Life Above & Below the Ice (Example topics include polar biology and ecology; life in ice, polar fisheries; marine mammals)

Theme 2: Polar Environments (Example topics include long-term observations, climate change, in situ monitoring, satellites observations, sea-ice models)

Theme 3: Humans at the Poles (Example topics include policy and sustainable management, maritime and fishery industries, indigenous communities; developing a sustainable blue economy)

Theme 4: Innovation in a Frozen Seas (Example topics include underwater robots, sensors for polar environments, new modelling techniques and software)

Content Submission Process

Due to the increasing popularity of ECO Magazine's special issues, spaces are limited. Those wishing to submit content should fill out the submission form as soon as possible:

The editorial team will get in touch to discuss your submission and provide you with your allocated word-count and a style guide.

The deadline to submit your completed story to the editor is August 24, 2020.

Please note you can only submit one story per author. For more information about submitting a story to the Polar Special Issue, contact ECO’s Senior Editor, Kira Coley, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

More information is available on the ECO magazine website.