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SCAR General News

Dear Colleagues,

1JennyBaesemanWe are writing to you to confirm that we have accepted the resignation of the SCAR Executive Director, Dr Jenny Baeseman, notice of which we received on 16th September 2017.

As you will appreciate from developments in the SCAR Secretariat, and more generally, Dr Baeseman has brought many changes to SCAR, and delivered exceptional service to the organisation.

Dr Baeseman brought to the Secretariat during her time much energy and a drive to ensure that the organisation runs efficiently. In addition, she brought a considerable focus on capacity building across SCAR’s members and helped foster and deliver a variety of activities in this area. SCAR’s many groups and partners benefitted from Dr Baeseman’s experience in this area and sought out her advice frequently.

Dr Baeseman also advised and assisted many SCAR groups with their various scientific efforts, providing guidance, administrative support, mentorship and insight. Dr Baeseman likewise helped SCAR continue to grow its good relationships with outside organisations such as the Antarctic Treaty Parties and Secretariat, the CEP, CCAMLR, COMNAP, IASC and APECS.

As a consequence of Dr Baeseman’s work, the SCAR Secretariat is functioning with great efficiency, SCAR’s financial arrangements have been modernised and so have our communications. Routine financial management has been outsourced, SCAR’s funds are invested in an ethical portfolio, and many changes have been implemented to improve SCAR’s financial management. News reports are now more regular and the web page provides an important resource for following SCAR’s many activities. A new website, which is more functional, easier to navigate, and more secure will also be launched soon.

Recognizing the value, but poor condition, of SCAR’s historical records, Dr Baeseman sought to change these matters and with professional assistance to do so. SCAR’s recorded history is now being transferred from hard copy to digitally available material, and SCAR’s formal documents are now becoming accessible as an online resource. A previously insecure and valuable resource has now been secured, thanks to these efforts.

Throughout, Dr Baeseman has shown great focus, drive, energy and commitment. Her passion and insights will be missed across SCAR.

Dr Baeseman will continue to work in the Secretariat full time until the 29th of September, and will return for a few days in October to finalise several matters, with her last day in the position being 16 November 2017.

We take this opportunity to thank Dr Baeseman for her exceptional and energetic service to SCAR during her time as Executive Director, and to wish her well in her future endeavours.

Steven Chown (President), Karin Lochte (Vice-President), Terry Wilson (Vice-President), Azizan bin Abu Samah (Vice-President), Jefferson Simões (Vice-President), Jerónimo López-Martínez (Immediate Past-President)