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The ISC expresses its deep dismay and concerns regarding the military offensives being carried out in Ukraine. This conflict has already generated a grave humanitarian crisis.

Science has proven to act as a platform for dialogue even in times of war, and therefore is a resource on which to capitalize to avoid further loss of life and disruption including that to scientific research and infrastructures. The ISC counts Members in all countries involved in this conflict.

At a time when the demand and the potential for science to provide actionable knowledge for our global challenges on multiple fronts – climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, and growing inequalities – are greater than ever, the current conflict in Ukraine and its consequences will hamper the power of science to solve problems when we should be harnessing it.

Read the ISC statement on Ukraine.

In light of the current situation, the ISC encourages its affiliated bodies to consider the security and safety of all scientists in your decision-making on your activities in the region.

Further advisory notes and statements can be found in the Committee for Freedom and Responsibility in Science repository:

The ISC is also an organising partner of Science in Exile. Please find a list of resources, as well as organizations and programmes supporting at-risk, displaced, and refugee scientists at