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Jeronimo Lopez31 October 2016:

SCAR’s Past President Jerónimo López-Martínez was recently interviewed by Angela Posada-Swafford of the Spanish Edition of Scientific American.  

"Research in Antarctica is crucial to understanding climate variability and its consequences"

Jerónimo López, outgoing Chairman of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research, talks about the importance of investigating the White Continent.

Read the full article in Spanish here.

Here’s the introduction in English via Google Translate:

Over the past four years, and until a few weeks ago, geologist and professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid Jeronimo Lopez was the president of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research. SCAR, for its acronym in English, is the organization responsible for promoting and coordinating scientific research in Antarctica, and advise the Antarctic Treaty on science. With 43 member countries and nine international scientific unions, arguably is a small United Nations of Antarctic science. Lopez was the only Spanish speaker so far to hold that position. Scientific American spoke with him about the future of Antarctic science and the growing Latin American participation in it.

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