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SCAR General News

Behrens ice and ocean webThe Tinker Foundation and SCAR have agreed that, following the tenth award of the prize this year in July, the scheme will be concluded.

The Tinker Foundation notes specifically:

The Tinker Foundation created the Tinker-Muse prize to recognize our founding president, Martha T. Muse. For much of her life, Ms. Muse had a passion for Antarctica and a profound appreciation for the importance of Antarctic science. Over ten years, we have been proud to see the Prize support the work of talented mid-career scientists in a range of fields, many of whom have assumed distinguished leadership positions and made notable contributions to the academic record. As we conclude the awarding of the Prize, we are grateful to the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research for their able oversight and to the prize winners who through their commitment and accomplishments have helped us to honour the legacy of Martha Muse.

SCAR is immensely proud to have been in a position to oversee the award process and we recognise the considerable impact it has had on the Antarctic community. SCAR is grateful for the substantial opportunities created by the Tinker Foundation through its generous support, not only of the Tinker-Muse Prize, but also the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Horizon Scan and associated activities. These contributions have changed the landscape of Antarctic research.

Muse Prize crystal webIn the context of the Tinker-Muse Prize, SCAR would also like to recognise the early work of the National Committee of the United States of America and the indefatigable work of Professor Mahlon (Chuck) Kennicutt II (Past President of SCAR).

The selection committee for the Prize benefitted from the work of many individuals, and especially its Chairs: Diane McKnight, Ian Allison, Peter Barrett and Kathy Conlan. We appreciate their contributions.

Finally, SCAR would like to acknowledge the nominees, nominators and supporters for the work they undertook to bring such an incredible array of talent to the selection committee. While only ten awards could be made, the pool from which selections were made indicates that science in, from and about Antarctica is undertaken by an exceptional group of researchers.