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SCAR General News

SCAR is excited to announce a new opportunity for early and mid-career researchers: The SCAR Science Group Fellowship Programme.

Science Group Fellowships


Purpose of the Fellowship 

The SCAR Science Group Fellowship Programme is designed to encourage the active involvement of early and mid-career researchers in the work of the permanent, disciplinary Science Groups (SGs) to mentor potential future SCAR leaders and promote professional development. 

A fellow will be assigned to each of the three SGs – Geosciences, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences (see also the SCAR organizational chart). This fellowship programme is funded for two years. 

Details of the Award 

Each fellowship award is for US$10,000 per year. Funds can be used as a stipend; to cover the costs of travel to attend workshops, symposia and/or business meetings; or for other purposes as determined in consultation with the Chief Officer of the SG. Initial appointments are for one year. First-year fellows can apply for the second year, but a second year is not guaranteed. 

It is expected that the time commitment of the fellows will average ~3 hours/week. However, activities and time will vary from week to week. For example, preparations for meetings will likely require a longer weekly effort and some weeks may not have any work. 


The programme is for researchers from SCAR member countries (full or associate). PhD students or those within ten years of having completed a PhD on the day of the deadline for applications can apply. In special cases, this ten-year period may be extended. You must contact the SCAR Secretariat (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) at least three weeks before the application deadline if you would like to be considered for an exception to the ten-year window. 

Prior work with SCAR is not a requirement to apply, but any involvement with SCAR should be included in the application. Researchers from countries with developing Antarctic programmes (e.g., SCAR Associate Member countries) are encouraged to apply. 

Description of Fellowship 

The role of the fellow will be to: 

  • Support the administrative work of Chief Officers and improve communication between Science Groups, their subsidiary groups, the SCAR Secretariat and the SCAR Executive Committee. 
  • Participate in Science Group activities and assist Chief Officers in report and meeting preparations. 
  • Solicit, gather, and provide news items and other outreach material about Science Group activities for the SCAR Newsletter and website. 
  • Work with the Chief Officers to develop strategies that will further promote SCAR activities within the international science community. 

The role of Science Group leadership will be to: 

  • Mentor fellows in the work of SCAR, especially the activities of the SG and its subsidiary Expert Groups and Action Groups. 
  • Train potential future leaders of SCAR groups (e.g., Science Groups, Action Groups, Expert groups, etc.). 

How to Apply 

All applications must be made through the online application form. You may only apply for a fellowship to one SG. Applicants will also need a letter of support from their current research supervisor. The letter should address the qualifications of the applicant, and indicate that the supervisor understands and approves of the extra activity involved in undertaking the fellowship. Letters of support should be uploaded to this form

Application review will begin December 18, 2023; for full consideration please submit your application by this date. 


Each SG will evaluate the applications submitted for their discipline. The selection committees will be designated by the SG leadership and be comprised of several SG representatives and include the Chief Officer. The actual number of selection committee members is decided by the SG leadership. 

Selection criteria: 

  • Career stage 
  • Potential impact of fellowship on achieving career goals 
  • Prior experience with Antarctic research relative to the specific Science Group