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The Antarctic ice sheets are an incredibly valuable resource for scientific understanding and mitigating climate change, but deciphering the climate history of a continent to make predictions about the whole planet requires multinational collaboration. 

SCAR is excited to be featured in the new Unlocking Science series. Produced for the International Science Council (ISC) by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, Unlocking Science addresses the need for accessible science – through compelling and innovative storytelling for the public. 

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Antarctic ice sheets are a unique record for studying past climate change and informing predictions about the future. Locked away in the Antarctic ice sheets is valuable information about our climate past, but extracting that information requires multinational and interdisciplinary collaboration. The dynamic article "What Antarctica can teach us about climate change" highlights how SCAR brings together scientists from different disciplines and countries to make more precise predictions about future climate change. 

The article features the work of three of our large and overarching current and past Scientific Research Programmes PAIS, SERCE and INSTANT.

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