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SCAR General News

walking on thin ice 4SCAR is delighted to be featured in the exhibition ‘Walking on Thin Ice: co-operation in the face of a changing climate’’ currently on display at the Scott Polar Research Institute (UK).

“Walking on thin ice” is the result of the efforts of 12 teenagers who spent a week at SPRI in August 2019 learning about climate and polar research and developing a framework for the exhibition.

The exhibition is all about current research, stories of empowerment and hope for the future. The students were keen that this should not be an exhibition to upset people, but to educate them in up-to-date scientific facts, and demonstrate that co-operation is the way forward. 

walking on thin ice 2A display case entitled "United by Nature - Guided by Science" features SCAR’s work and highlights its commitment to promoting diversity in polar research.
SCAR loaned the declaration signed by women working in Antarctic science. They were collected as part of the "Celebration of Women in Antarctic Research" event at the Open Science Conference in Kuala Lumpur 2016. The event celebrated the contribution of women to Antarctic research and aimed to provide more visible female role models. It also featured a  'Wikibomb' launching over 100 wikipedia biographies of women working in Antarctic research. 

You can take the virtual exhibition tour on the Scott Polar Research Institute website.