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pdf IP095: Understanding Future Sea-level Change Around Antarctica

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IP095: Understanding Future Sea-level Change Around Antarctica

ATCM XLV and CEP XXV 2023, Helsinki, Finland

Information Paper

IP095: Understanding Future Sea-level Change Around Antarctica

Submitted: 28 April 2023


In addition to global consequences related to future sea level change, there will be changes to sea level around the Antarctic continent. This Information Paper outlines the: (1) Challenges in accurately predicting location-specific sea-level change for Antarctica’s coastline; (2) Risks that future sea-level change represents for operations including science support and tourism, coastal infrastructure and assets, heritage sites, specially protected and managed areas, and bioregions; and (3) Future research requirements and recommendations for actions to mitigate the identified risks. This directly contributes to ongoing work to address specific policy and research recommendations presented in the 2022 SCAR Antarctic Climate Change and the Environment (ACCE) Decadal Synopsis Report (Chown et al., 2022). The Antarctic region is a driver and responder to change. A changing Antarctic region has implications for how we operate in, manage and protect the region. Research related to sea-level change is ongoing, but key relevant information is presented here.

ATCM - Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting
CEP - Committee for Environmental Protection
45th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting
29 May - 8 June 2023