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pdf IP045: Managing Threats to Antarctic Terrestrial Biodiversity

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IP045: Managing Threats to Antarctic Terrestrial Biodiversity

ATCM XLV and CEP XXV 2023, Helsinki, Finland

Information Paper

IP045: Managing Threats to Antarctic Terrestrial Biodiversity

Submitted: 22 April 2023


Recent research published in PLOS Biology by Lee et al. (2022), on strategies for managing threats to Antarctic terrestrial biodiversity, found that an estimated 65% of terrestrial species groups and land-associated seabirds are likely to decline by 2100 under current trajectories. In assessing the benefits of several possible threat management strategies, it found that influencing global policy to effectively mitigate climate change would deliver the greatest benefits, while a range of actions to minimise threats from activities within the Antarctic region would also be highly beneficial. The study concluded that simultaneously pursuing global and regional efforts would provide the best chance of protecting Antarctica’s terrestrial biodiversity into the future. These findings are relevant to the Committee’s work on several priority issues, including to maintain awareness of threats to biodiversity, and to prepare for, and build resilience to the environmental impacts of a changing climate.

ATCM - Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting
CEP - Committee for Environmental Protection
45th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting
29 May - 8 June 2023