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ATCM XXXII and CEP XII 2009, Baltimore, United States


SCAR Lecture 2009: Marine Life and Change in the Southern Ocean


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pdf Overview of SCAR Papers Submitted to ATCM XXXII and CEP XII 2009 (411 downloads) Download (pdf, 254 KB)
pdf WP048: IPY Report: Accomplishments and Challenges (412 downloads) Download (pdf, 416 KB)
pdf IP004: SCAR’s Environmental Code of Conduct for Terrestrial Scientific Field Research in Antarctica (422 downloads) Download (pdf, 426 KB)
pdf IP005: SCAR’s Antarctic Climate Change and the Environment (ACCE) Review Report (472 downloads) Download (pdf, 442 KB)
pdf IP007: SCAR’s Role in the Antarctic Treaty System (548 downloads) Download (pdf, 460 KB)
pdf IP009: SCAR’s Annual Report (429 downloads) Download (pdf, 535 KB)
pdf IP010: The IPY Aliens in Antarctica Project (457 downloads) Download (pdf, 201 KB)
pdf IP020: Antarctic Treaty Summit: Science-Policy Interactions in International Governance (416 downloads) Download (pdf, 624 KB)
pdf IP055: Improvements to the Alien Species Database (410 downloads) Download (pdf, 527 KB)
pdf IP065: Biological Prospecting in the Antarctic: An Update on the Review by SCAR (389 downloads) Download (pdf, 408 KB)
pdf IP069: Persistent Organic Pollutants in the Antarctic (416 downloads) Download (pdf, 582 KB)
pdf IP071: The SCAR Lecture – Marine Life and Change in the Southern Ocean (413 downloads) Download (pdf, 467 KB)
pdf Resolution I (2009) Ensuring the Legacy of the International Polar Year (IPY) (447 downloads) Download (pdf, 68 KB)