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pdf SCAR EXCOM 2009 WP19: Revised Staff Conditions


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SCAR Executive Committee Meeting
5-7 August 2009, Punta Arenas, Chile

SCAR EXCOM 2009 WP19: Revised Staff Conditions

Working Paper 19
Agenda Item: 9.3
Deadline: 1 June
Person Responsible: Huiskes


With the change of SCAR to a UK Company Limited by Guarantee and a UK Charity it is now necessary to ensure that SCAR staff are employed in accordance with the requirements of UK employment law [this would be necessary anyway, even without those changes, due to recent changes in UK employment law].  With the assistance of the SCAR Secretariat, the Vice-President for Finance, Ad Huiskes, used this change as an opportunity to investigate SCAR Secretariat salaries and conditions, and to try to ensure that these are as close as possible to that of an equivalent university or institute [it has been SCAR policy to adopt University of Cambridge salary levels, given that Scott Polar R

esearch Institute is part of the University, and indeed some past SCAR staff have been employed on the university payroll, though that is no longer the case as it attracts large (100%) overheads].