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pdf SCAR EXCOM 2011 WP09: Report of the SCAR Standing Scientific Group on Physical Sciences (SSG-PS)

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SCAR Executive Committee Meeting
18-19 July 2011, Edinburgh, Scotland

SCAR EXCOM 2011 WP09: Report of the SCAR Standing Scientific Group on Physical Sciences (SSG-PS)

Working Paper 9
Agenda Item: 2.3.3
Deadline: May 9
Person Responsible: Takashi

Executive Summary

Title: SCAR Standing Scientific Group on Physical Sciences (SSG/PS), Report to the Executive Committee, SCAR EXCOM 2011, 18 July 2011

Authors: T. Yamanouchi, M. Candidi, T. van Ommen

Relevant URLs or references to other reports:

Antarctica and the Global Climate System (AGCS) (WP12)

Astronomy and Astrophysics from Antarctica (AAA) (WP14)

Past and Future Change of the Antarctic Environment (PACE) (WP17)

Important Issues or Factors: (what do EXCOM need to be aware of)

One of the current SRPs, AGCS is coming to its final stage and seeking a transition to a new program planning group, PACE.  ICESTAR, after achieving the major objectives, terminated as an SRP at the SCAR XXXI, and reformed as a new Expert Group.  The AAA started as a new SRP from SCAR XXXI.

New Action Groups were started.  Antarctic Clouds and Aerosols Action Group (ACA) started its activities, and is hoped to hold the first meeting during IUGG 2011 in Melbourne this summer.  SCAR Ocean Acidification Action Group (SO Acid) was approved at SCAR XXXI, and an initial core membership was proposed.

There have been some discussions about where IPICS (International Partnership in Ice Core Sciences) Expert Group belonged - it is currently under PS, but since it is related to the work of ACE there are obvious connections to GS. Co-sponsorship of IPICS by GS as well as PS could be discussed at a later date depending on how future interactions with IPICS proceed.

Proposal came up seeking the SCAR endorsement to transform the GWSWF Action Group into an Expert Group with revised Terms of Reference (ToRs).  However, discussion arose that the new ToRs overlapped with those of the ICESTAR Expert Group and that the two groups should discuss the best way forward.  One idea is to merge both the group into a single Expert Group.